Ranzor Palace

The city of Nahan has been famous in Indian History as a place associated with famous Kings and Saints who have from time to time graced its sacred land and made the place what it is today. Originated in 1621, the city was founded by Raja Kara Prakash who built the famous Nahan Fort and the beautiful residence of the Royals of the Kingdom known as Ranzor Palace Nahan.

Rani Tal

Nahan, a city located on a ridge in the famous Shivalik Hills of the Himalayan mountain Ranges is one of the beautifully planned and picturesque cities in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The city which was the host to the Royal Family which ruled the region of Nahan was originated in 1621 by Raja Karam Prakash.

Gurudwara Shri Dashmesh Asthaan

In the beautiful surroundings of the verdant valleys of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh is situated the city of Nahan which brings out the beauty and mesmerizing freshness of the Himalayan Mountains. And in the middle of this beautifully planned city of Nahan is situated a Gurdwara dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh Ji known as Gurdwara Shree Dashmesh Asthan.

Lakhdata Peer

Lakhdata Peer is a very spiritually revered place in the town of Nahan. The place is considered to be very holy and the locals in and around the city come here when they need the help of the Peer in times of distress. Tourists who travel to the beautiful city of Nahan make it a must to visit the Lakhdata Peer

Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Jee Temple

The city of Nahan has many attractive destinations around it, which makes it a great base for further exploration of the beautiful region of Nahan and the mountains of Himachal Pradesh. One of the most important places to visit near Nahan is the Shri Mahamaya Balasundari Ji temple which is located in the religiously important town of Trilokpur situated at a distance of 23 km from the city of Nahan.

Jaggannath Temple

One of the rarest sights in Nahan is the huge, architecturally brilliant temple of Lord Jaggannath who is mostly a deity worshipped and celebrated in the Eastern side of the country. The temple which is a beautiful carving of stone and the brilliance of Himachali architecture was built in 1681 by the then King Budh Parakash.

Renuka Ji Lake

Located near the city of Nahan is another marvel of nature that has its importance embedded in the history of our culture and the mythologies that guide us to this day. Renuka Ji Lake is in its own right a marvelous creation of nature that beckons its beholder some of the most fascinating sites to behold that nature could offer.

Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary

Nahan is situated so perfectly that a traveler can find all forms of experiences in and around the city. The city besides having some amazing sights of nature also provides its visitors with a chance at exploring the wild and getting cozy with Mother Nature herself. Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary situated at a distance of 40 Km from Nahan City is one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh.

Jamu Peak Trekking

The peak that was the place from where Maharishi Yamdagani started his epic meditation to impress Lord Shiva is today one of the finest trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh giving one the feeling of trekking in the Himalayas. The Jamu Peak is situated right above the celebrated Renuka JI Lake.

Suketi Fossil Park

A park that can take you back to the times of the Jurassic Age and propel you into exreme wonderment as you glide through life size fiber models of various extinct animals which once used to grace the land of Nahan and nearby areas. The Suketu Fossil Park located at a distance of 25 km from the city of Nahan is a first of its kind fossil park in Asia which allows is visitors the thrilling experience of seeing fossils and their models.

Simbalbara Wildlife Sanctuary

Nahan offers its visitors the best of all forms of traveling; you can experience different forms of traveling on your tours to Nahan. Being located in close proximity to a number of popular destinations a Nahan sightseeing tour is full of interesting and fascinating attractions. One of the great attractions near the beautiful city of Nahan has to be the wildlife sanctuary of Simbalbara.

Jaitak Fort

Nahan is a city which is no stranger to history in both its violent and glorious form. The city which boasts of its own kingdom glorified by the Nahan Fort and the Nahan Palace has had its share of bloody fights which are deeply embedded in the landscape of this glorious city.

Paonta Sahib

A city bustling with industries and economic growth on one hand and immersed in the spiritual find on the other, Paonta Sahib is a brilliant town with its roots in the spiritual history of one of the largest religious followings in India that is of Sikhism. Paonta Sahib is said to be the resting place of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Baru Sahib

Baru Sahib also known as the Valley of Divine Peace is located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Baru Sahib, the land of meditation (tapobhoomi), is the realization of vision of Sant Attar Singh Ji, Mastuane Wale (1866–1927), who, in the early twentieth century envisaged a place in the Himalayas from where young souls equipped.

Maa Bhangayani Temple Haripurdhar

Maa Bhangayani is a God sister of Shirgul Maharaj. Maa Bhangayani is a most powerful Devi in Sirmour. Shirguls Mahadev's tales of bravery recounts that when he went to Delhi, with his huge manforce, the people of delhi were enthralled to see his vastness & majesty. Frightened of Shirgul Mahadev's spiritual powers, Mughal emperor of that time, imprisoned him by limiting hi powers by leather shackles.