Rajan Gupta

Calm,serene and quite with only sounds of nature;like sounds of water fall,wind and chirping of birds.What a place to refresh n recharge yourself. (Rajan Gupta, September 2013)

Rajan Gupta

"FSMC New Delhi took a ride to Nahan and surprisingly Nesting Meadows went on to be a huge riding delight. The ride from main town in Nahan to Nesting Meadows was mesmerizing..even with the ongoing road repair/construction. A Bikers dream come true...& did I mention the Food. It was amazing and one couldn't imagine how they manage to treat us with simple yet delicious fare a a peaceful and remote location. Over all a great experience away from the City." (Free Spirit Motorcycle Club, September 2013)

Anil, 2 September 2013

we a group of thirty three people visited Nestling Meadows last weakend(30,31,1st sept),It is a wonderful place. there is lush green jungle surrounding the property.No interference from anyone else.Calm soothing atmosphere.Excellent staff, and what to say about mouth watering delicacies in every meal. In nearby attractions we visited Renuka Lake, Awesome water fall on the way.All in the group are thrilled and wish to visit again!

Shreya, 3 September 2013

Nestling Meadows is located in the lap of mother nature in virgin forest land of Himalayas. It is a very peaceful place and an awesome getaway from the busy city life. The place is surrounded by pine forest, yet the owner is able to supply for all the requirements of his guests with his network in and around the place. The description of the place can not be done without special mention of the delicious food served there. The beauty of the place lies is absence of pollution and the city noise. The feeling of living in camps is very different form the daily routine of living in stone and concrete houses and hotels, which in turns increases the lure of that place. The weather was mesmerizing and we all felt like never leaving that place. Looking forward to visit Nestling Meadows again very soon.

Manoj Aggarwal, 28 October 2012

The place is awesome, located in miles of virgin forestland just 4/5 hour drive from Delhi at an altitude of 4500 feet, perfect temperature, pine scented air, all basic amenities and adventure activities in place, great food and lovely walks, with some history, wildlife, spirituality and rural tourism options thrown in should the mood overtake you.

Brijesh Verma, 10 June 2012

"Nestling Meadows" far surpassed our expectations. It is an excellent property with serene surroundings. The owner (Mr. Manish Aggarwal ) was on the ground and very accommodating and a helpful host. The staff likewise was cheerful and very helpful. I love places with forests, rivers, mountains and love to trek for which I got a lot of opportunity here. We had also enjoyed various outdoor activities like jungle walk, , Flying fox, Rope ladder, Tarzen swing etc. Staying at Nestling meadows was a very good decision and I would recommend everyone to visit this property at least once.

Rashmeet Kohli, 5 march 2012

Being at Nestling Meadows was an amazing experience for me. Amidst the trees and the nature, its a wonderful place to be at with friends and family

Chandni Gautam, 3 January 2012

Nestling meadow was a completely dynamic experience of staying in a tent amidst of a jungle which brought me close to the heart of nature. The fresh air and music of chirping birds is something which everyone living in cities dreams of and I am thankful that I spent a day of summers at this cool place. There were many mouthwatering dishes served by the owner which made me excited and think about the next meal plan. The most memorable part of this stay was a trekking expedition that me and my friends took wherein we people were walking holding each other's hands and roar to a laughter whenever somebody slides down.

Seema Yavav, 11 December 2011

It was an awesome experience which I can cherish throughout my life. There were trees all around the camping site and the place was completely peaceful. I went for trekking with my friends and I completely loved the walk through the grass which made us slip again and again. Sleeping and gossiping in the tents, and dancing midst the jungle was altogether a different experience. There are something about this place that makes you feel alive-the chilled water in the hot summers, the silence, etc. The food that was served by the owners was too delicious to pamper anyone's taste buds.